A Guide to Dress Shoes

A Guide to Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are an absolute essential in any man’s closet because they can make any outfit look chic. Many venues also require you to wear formal attire and men’s footwear, so having a good pair of men’s dress shoes in your closet can come in handy. There are many different styles of dress shoes for men out there, each one with its own distinctive personality. Saint G offers an expansive range of formal shoes for men. So, if you want to learn more about this versatile piece of footwear, check out Saint G’s exclusive guide to men’s dress shoes below.

Types of dress shoes

The world of men’s dress shoes is vast and wonderful. You can find a variety of different styles of formal shoes in Saint G’s catalogue, from derby shoes to dress boots and brogues. Here are five styles of formal footwear that every man should know about:

Oxford shoes

If you are new to buying formal shoes, then Oxford shoes are a great place to start. The sleek and simple design of these shoes makes them a very versatile piece to have in your closet. If you need a versatile pair of shoes for work and fancier events, Saint G’s Bordo leather Oxford shoes are the way to go. Our two-toned handcrafted leather gives the shoe a luxurious finish while the plush lining ensures a snug fit for all-day wear.


This style of dress shoes is suited for people who have a more modern and eclectic style. Named after the signature perforations on the shoes’ upper, brogues add a dash of flair to any outfit from a suit to a casual t-shirt and jeans. If you want to try something a little different with your footwear, then check out Saint G’s square toe lace-up brogues. They come in classic black and brown, or you can opt shoes in an eye-catching olive-green colour.

Monk Shoes

These are ideal for men who like to make a statement with their formal footwear. Monk shoes are characterised by the overlapping straps and buckle detailing instead of laces. This is what makes monk shoes perfect for formal occasions as well as smart-casual events such as birthday parties or family events. Saint G carries both, single and double monk strap shoes in different colours.


Once considered to be casual footwear, loafers can now be worn to give a casual edge to even a two-button suit. This slip-on style shoe is extremely comfortable to wear and give you a stylish but easy-going look. If you are looking for the perfect men’s brown dress shoes, go for our croco embossed loafers. A pair of simple navy-blue loafers can also be an extremely versatile piece of footwear in your closet.

Dress boots

As the name suggests, dress boots are another type of formal shoes for men to explore and try out. The minimal and sleek design of these boots makes them an ideal choice for even the most formal occasions. Not only will you look chic in a pair of Saint G’s premium leather dress boots, you will also be extremely comfortable throughout the night. Dress boots are well-suited for you if you live in a place that’s very cold. These boots are as functional as they are fashionable.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots might be an unexpected choice of dress shoes for some people but the right style of Chelsea boots can be the perfect accessory you need to create a polished and sophisticated look. For instance, while a tan leather Chelsea boot might not give off a formal vibe, Saint G’s patent leather croco boots would pair well with a black or blue suit. For a pop of colour, try our navy leather Chelsea boots with brogue detailing on the upper of the shoe.

Wearing and taking care of dress shoes

If you want to extract the longest life out of your leather dress shoes, it is important to clean them and care for them regularly. Here’s how to best care for your dress shoes:


The first step is to dust off all the excess dust and debris from your leather shoes with a coarse horsehair brush. Then, instead of a harsh detergent or chemical cleanser, go for a bowl of warm water with some dish soap mixed into it. Use a microfibre towel to gently wipe the outsides of your shoes.


To maintain the lustre of your dress shoes, use a good quality leather conditioner on your shoes at least once every few weeks. This will prevent the leather from drying out and developing cracks. Use a microfiber towel to rub the conditioner into your shoes in concentric circles, and wipe off all the excess conditioner.


The final step in the shoe care process is polishing. Use a polish colour that matches your shoes, and gentle buff it onto your dress shoes before wearing them. This will give the leather a luxurious sheen while protecting it from dust, debris, and water. Polish them every few wears to retain the quality of your shoes.


Another tip to prolong your shoes’ life is to store them in cloth bags or a shoe box inside your closet. This is because dust can make its way into your shoes over time and give them an old and dated look. So, protect your shoes from dust and damage with a dust bag.

This concludes our guide to men’s dress shoes. Now that you have a better understanding of men’s formal footwear, you can find the right fit for you in Saint G’s collection. We work with the best artisans in the shoe business to bring you trendy pieces as well as timeless styles of shoes. No matter what the occasion and no matter what your personal style is, Saint G has a perfect pair of men’s formal shoes for you.