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  • How To Stretch out Leather Shoes and Boots

    How To Stretch out Leather Shoes and Boots A new pair of leather shoes is a magical thing, but it is important to stretch them out properly before wearing them. This can help prevent blisters, shoe bites, and other issues that can make wearing your shoes uncomfortable. Check out our expert tips and tricks below on how to stretch leather shoes wider and make your new leather footwear more comfortable than ever before. How to stretch leather boots There are a few factors to stretching out leather boots. The long shaft means that you have to...
  • What Dresses to Wear with Over The Knee Boots

    What Dresses to Wear with Over The Knee Boots Over the knee boots have quickly become a fashion staple, because of their chic and stylish appearance. They are most popularly worn with dresses of varying lengths, because the two complement each other perfectly. The tall height of the boots makes them more prominent to the eye, while dresses usually allow for your legs, and therefore the boots, to be on display too. With some help from Saint G, you can easily learn how to put an over the knee boots outfit together. Our range of premium...
  • What Color Shoes to Wear With Red Dress

    What Color Shoes to Wear With Red Dress? A beautiful red dress signifies, passion, strength, love, and power, which is why it is a popular colour for clothing. However, many people find it to be an intimidating colour to work with because they don’t know what shoes to wear with red dresses. Well, worry not, because Saint G’s expert guide on what colour shoes go with red dresses will help you make the right pick. Shop black shoes for your red dress When shopping for shoes to match your red dresses, black shoes are the safest...
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