Top Advantages of Buying Shoes Online

Top Advantages of Buying Shoes Online

Advantages of buying shoes online

Online shopping has gained popularity for quite some time now. Online retailers sell nearly everything under the sun whether it be mops to mobiles, peanuts to playing cards, and face masks to footwear. Let us take the last example of footwear itself. Though some mega online retailers like Amazon and ebay sell shoes along with thousands of other items, some reputed retailers are devoted to creating and selling high-quality footwear only through online channels. These are specialized sites that cater to the discerning customer who is on the lookout for acquiring high-quality branded footwear at an affordable price. These retailers also provide complete security options like trusted and secure payment gateways, easy returns and refunds, quick delivery time, and reliable and excellent customer support. The below article lists many advantages of shopping online for footwear, whether it be from mega-retailers or specialized websites. Let us take a closer look at the advantages of buying shoes online below. 

1. Extensive Range and Numerous Options

Offline shops and shoe stores can only hold a limited number of inventories. The stores are often located in prime locations where space is limited. If they currently don’t have your preferred choice, then your trip to the store is wasted. Also, physical stores often are the franchise of a specific brand and only store products of that particular brand only. So, your choice gets limited to that brand only. Probably you like the design, but not the color or the material. Or if you like all of them, then you are hindered by a high price. Online retailers do not have to face this issue. Shoe manufacturers want to increase their online sales so there are no restrictions on online retailers in this regard. They stock products of different competing brands, for all genders, ages, and economic groups. They offer footwear products on sale, those just arrived, and even vintage and custom-made products. The options are limitless. This is one of the good answers to the question, is buying shoes online a good idea?

2. No Nagging or Undue Pressure

A major annoyance when buying from an offline store is the ubiquitous sales person hovering in the background. On the pretext of helping you, they will just pester you and force you to buy the expensive shoes which will fetch them the highest commission. It doesn’t matter if the shoes do not suit you and are not in preferred style. Also, footwear is offered at a high markup and then given a measly discount. In reality, you are paying above and much beyond the sales price. You do not have to face these issues while buying shoes online. You can browse freely at your own pace. No one is following you and pressurizing for sales. It is a boon for the customers who value their privacy and resent if someone invades their personal space. Online retailers offer genuine discounts too due to their humongous inventories, big warehouses, and exclusive deals with manufacturers. They also frequently offer coupons for current and future shopping. 

 3. Competitive Pricing and High Discounts 

Offline shoe stores often offer products at high prices compared to online retailers. This is due to some unavoidable factors. Most of the offline shoe stores are located at prime real estate locations to attract customers and increase footfalls. The rental costs, franchise fees, maintenance and power costs, transportation and warehousing costs, staff salaries, and local advertising also take a major portion of expenses. The cost of the shoe along with the base price also includes all these expenses added with the profit margin which results in high-end prices of the product. All of these costs ultimately are borne by the customers. The business plan of online retailers is quite different from the physical ones which help them reduce all these expenses. Their supply chain structure is focused largely from warehouse to end customer. Most of the work is automated and done through the website and a main central office. They also have tie-ups with shoe manufacturers to sell their products in bulk. All this leads to the elimination of middlemen which leads to big savings. A significant portion of these savings is passed to the end customer as discounts and reduced prices. That is the reason while buying women's shoes online you get the favorite pair of expensive high heels at quite competitive prices.

4. Easy Shopping Experience

Buying shoes online is easier and comfortably done compared to offline shopping. You can shop while doing household chores, having your mid-morning coffee, commuting to the office, or while relaxing at home. You do not have to dress up, go physically to a store while facing traffic jams. You are not even bound to the store timings when shopping online. You can do shopping anytime anywhere, whether it be around midnight or midday. You browse through the products leisurely and pick what you like. There are also regular discounts along with discounts offered during the holiday season. Free shipping is usually offered, with an easy return and refund facility and the option of flexible delivery times. This freedom and ease of shopping can never be replicated by any physical store. 

5. Guaranteed and Timely Deliveries

After buying ladies shoes online just sit back and relax. There is no fretting and worrying about the footwear delivery. As soon as you place the order online, you will receive a notification from the retailer about the delivery of the product. This is sent through your preferred option, whether it be through app notifications, SMS, or emails. Their efficient supply chains also lead to quick and numerous options of delivery services, which may include express or overnight shipping among others which ensures on-time product delivery.  

6. Ensured Fitting and Right Size

Is buying shoes online a good idea? This was a genuine question before due to the concerns regarding the fitting and getting the right size of the footwear. There have been plenty of innovations and customer-centric developments in this field now. Now all reputed online shoe retailers have specific pages on their websites devoted to the size charts. These charts detail the foot sizes as per the accepted norms worldwide. Shoes are universally measured in UK and US sizes and online retailers along with mentioning both the sizes of the footwear give out the measurements in centimeters too. So, if you are not sure of either UK or US size, you can measure your feet in centimeters and compare the sizes given. You will easily get your perfect fit. There is also the facility of extended easy returns and refunds in case you can still not satisfied with the footwear delivered. So now you can order shoes like a boss without any worry or hassle.

7. No Contact Shopping

The covid-19 virus has changed the way of our shopping, and in some cases our lifestyle too. Some of us are wary of going out and coming into physical contact with strangers. This worry is not unfounded. Online shopping offers a better alternative to staying at home and buying ladies shoes online from the safety and comfort of your home. 

8. Shopping Based on Your Preferences

One major advantage of buying shoes online is the seamless shopping experience. Once you click on a product, you will get automatic recommendations on other similar products too. This is due to the algorithms the websites use. They will predict and recommend products based on your browsing choices. This helps you get several options on a similar type of product. There is also the option of saving the products for buying later or creating multiple wish lists. You can check these products at your leisure at a later date and make the purchase decision. The online retailers also offer discounts and deals on the wish listed or left at cart products. This leads to an easy and delightful shopping experience and the option of getting your favorite footwear at reduced prices at the same time. 


The above article explains in detail several top advantages of buying shoes online. If you liked this article, you can also check our other blogs related to different aspects of footwear including different types of shoes and shoe care. You can also browse through our vast range of premium handcrafted leather footwear and if you like what you see, do buy from us and recommend others to our website