Best Chelsea Boots for Women

Best Chelsea Boots for Women

Chelsea boots for women have long been a wardrobe staple because of how simple and functional they are. The sleek and comfortable design of this style of ankle boots makes it perfect for everyday wear and even for occasions and events. Chelsea boots can be worn to work or for a meal out with friends. The trick is to learn how to style leather Chelsea boots for women with different clothing items so that the shoes complement the outfit.

Saint G offers a wide variety of ladies Chelsea boots in different designs and colours to suit every mood. We combine fashion with functionality to bring you premium leather footwear that is designed in Italy. Shop our collection now on our website and find the right fit for you.

What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are all the rage in the world of women’s footwear because they are versatile and functional at the same time. The signature features of Chelsea boots are the elastic panels running on the sides, which ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Most pairs also have a fabric loop at the back for ease of wear. The shoes can be made from many different materials including suede and a variety of leathers. While most Chelsea boots are flat at the bottom, you can even find heeled versions of ladies Chelsea boots for a more sophisticated look. We at Saint G follow the latest trends and create footwear that is trendy and yet, timeless.

What are the origins of Chelsea boots?

The history of Chelsea boots is very interesting. The unique comfortable design is credited to Queen Victoria’s shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall. She wanted him to make a more comfortable riding shoe that did not have laces, as the lace-up boots would always get entangled in her stirrups. The recent invention of vulcanised rubber at the time also meant that Hall could develop a truly unique and functional design. Queen Victoria wore Chelsea boots for her equestrian hobbies as well as to take walks. Hall then patented the shoe in 1851, starting the saga of the Chelsea boot.

This shoe then became extremely popular all around the world and was considered a work boot for many. These boots have even been used by the military in certain countries. Since then, the humble Chelsea boot has been adapted, redesigned, and reconstructed in many unique ways. Saint G too offers different styles of Chelsea boots for women, so you can find something for your closet no matter what your personal style is. Today, Chelsea boots are a staple closet piece for people with different styles and aesthetics.

What to wear with Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are extremely versatile, meaning that you can make them work with practically any item in your closet. The short ankle length of the shoe means that they can easily be worn with many different kinds of bottoms. Be it jeans, trousers, skirts, tights, or even dresses, you can find a pair of Chelsea boots to pair with them. Simple items like jeans would pair best with simple designs, like Saint G’s tan leather ankle boot. The tan colour is easy and wearable, while the chunky sole and the luxe leather lining make it extremely comfortable and durable. You can even opt for a black or dark brown option for something more versatile.

Can you wear Chelsea boots to work in an office?

The simple design of Chelsea boots makes them the perfect choice of work footwear for women. For instance, Saint G’s black patent leather Chelsea boots have a minimal and structural design that will pair well with a pantsuit or even a formal skirt and blouse combo. The pointed toe and heeled detail give them the appearance of dress shoes, which are appropriate for work. You can even try out navy leather brogue detail Chelsea boots, which are sleek and formal but with a dash of personality and colour. It is best to stick to neutral colours and dark colours when picking up Chelsea boots for work.

The best Chelsea boots for women

If you need a pair of ankle boots for your closet, check out Saint G’s expansive range of Chelsea boots for women. Not only do we carry more simple styles for everyday use, we also carry more embellished and elaborate Chelsea boots that will make a statement. Here are our top picks:

Black suede Chelsea boots

Our classic black suede Chelsea boots are ideal if you need a pair of versatile shoes to pair with many different outfits. Black is considered a neutral colour, so it matches well with all other colours and even prints.

Two-toned olive leather Chelsea boots

To make a statement with your footwear, go for Chelsea boots in a unique colour like olive green. The two-toned look gives the shoes a beautiful luxurious look, while the colour itself adds a pop of vibrance in your closet.

Black crust leather ankle boots

Add a dash of class to any look with these shoes, that come with green nylon strips on the side and a short stiletto heel to match. The slim heel detail adds a dash of elegance and sophistication, while the green nylon detail gives more visual interest and brings a splash of personality.