Best Stylish dresses for Ankle boots

Best Stylish dresses for Ankle boots

Style guide: What to wear with ankle boots

Ankle boots are an extremely versatile type of shoe that can be paired with absolutely any outfit. Whether you prefer a more neutral sophisticated look or you have a more eclectic aesthetic, there is no shortage of ankle boots out there to suit your personal style.

Another key benefit of ankle boots is that they can be dressed up for work or a formal event, or you can dress them down for casual get-togethers and events. There are so many different styles, colours, and designs of ankle boots in Saint G’s premium handcrafted footwear collection that you can easily create the perfect ankle boots outfit. Saint G carries an exclusive range of luxury ankle boots to suit every mood. But if you aren’t sure how to wear ankle boots and dresses together, then check out our style guide below.

How to style ankle boots: Your autumn winter guide

When styling ankle boots for the colder months, it is important to build your outfit around them. You want to ensure that the ankle boots you purchase are both functional and fashionable. This means that you need to consider where you will wear the boots most, and you also need to think about what outfits you can wear with them. Make sure that the ankle boots you buy will elevate your closet and add value to it. For example, a pair of neutral-coloured ankle boots will be more wearable and versatile than a colourful or printed pair.

What to wear with ankle boots

Now that you have a better idea of how to dress for ankle boots, let’s talk about what you can wear with ankle boots. Because of their shorter height, you can pair ankle boots with skirts, dresses, shorts, trousers, and more. You can also wear ankle boots with your jeans, be it a pair of skinny jeans or even wide leg or boot cut jeans. Cropped jeans is also a good idea for ankle boots because the combination can make your legs look longer.

Saint G offers a range of durable and stylish ankle boots for women, so don’t forget to check out our collection online!

Types of ankle boots

Many people don’t know how to dress for ankle boots because there are so many shoe styles out there Here are all the different types of ankle boots you can choose from:

Lace up combat boots

This style of ankle boots is perfect for everyday wear in the colder months because they look put-together while still being functional. Saint G’s tan leather lace-up ankle boots will go perfectly with a simple pair of jeans and a flannel shirt.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a good choice if you want a versatile shoe that you can dress up or dress down. You can find a variety of them on the Saint G website, from our olive suede leather boots to even a pearl-embellished pair for a grungy yet feminine and chic look.

Heeled boots

A dress with ankle boots and tights is a beautiful staple look, and you can easily take it to the next level with a pair of heeled ankle boots. Kitten heel ankle boots are best for a sophisticated look, or you can check out a pair of embossed leather ankle boots from Saint G for a more versatile look.

Choosing ankle boots to wear with dresses

There are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when choosing ankle boots to wear with dresses. Let us go over them in this section:

The cut

The height of your ankle boot should suit your height. If you are short, high top ankle boots will make your legs appear even shorter. Whereas, a pair of ankle boots that hits you right at the ankle or slightly lower will be perfect for you, especially if you like wearing ankle boots with dresses.

The style elements

This means that you should look at details on the boots such as hardware, material, the shape of the toe, the outsole, etc. For instance, a pair of metal chain embellished ankle boots from Saint G are perfect because there is no other detailing on it. The metal will allow your footwear to stand out without seeming too garish or over the top.

The colour

The colour of your ankle boots can determine how wearable they will be. For example, black or brown ankle boots will be more versatile than a pair of python print heeled ankle boots. However, the python print pair of boots could add some spice to your closet and make you look more stylish when worn with a plain or monotone outfit.