What to Wear with Chelsea Boot

What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are all the rage in the world of men and women’s footwear, because they are versatile and functional. One of the key characteristics of Chelsea Boots are the elastic panels running along the sides. These stretchable panels ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Most pairs also have a fabric loop at the back for ease of wear. You can easily find a variety of different styles of these boots in the Saint G catalogue. We combine fashion with functionality to bring you premium handcrafted leather footwear.

How to wear Chelsea boots?

The history of Chelsea boots is very interesting. The unique comfortable design is credited to Queen Victoria’s shoemaker Joseph Sparkes Hall. The shoe became immensely popular for walking as well as horse riding. Today, Chelsea boots are a closet staple for people, irrespective of their sense of style. If you’re looking to make this footwear part of your wardrobe, but are unsure what to wear with Chelsea boots, then check out our expert styling tips below:

For an everyday look

Chelsea boots look great for casual wear. Paired with fitted jeans, a button up shirt and a sleek coat, your shoes will help you look put together even while running the most mundane errands. To add some aesthetic flavour to your outfit, go for a pair of suede leather mid-heel wedge boots.

For a formal event

Bring the smart to a smart casual look with a pair of Chelsea boots. Saint G’s croco patent leather Chelsea boots are a great option if you want to add some edge to your simple black suit. The glossy finish on the shoes adds an extra touch of magic to complete the look.

What is the best way to wear Chelsea boots?

When it comes to Chelsea boots, there’s no one right way to wear them because these shoes are incredibly versatile. The Saint G catalogue offers a range of Chelsea boots which can be styled in various ways with a range of outfits. Want to know what are the best Chelsea boots in our collection? Well, read on to find out our top picks.

Navy leather Chelsea boots

This pair will instantly put you in the limelight. The stitching detail on the shoe and around the elastic panels are truly a sight to behold, in addition to the already dreamy navy colour.

Black leather Chelsea boots

This handcrafted pair of classic black Chelsea boots is simplicity at its finest. It is a versatile piece that can be worn to casual get-togethers as well as more formals dos.

We picked our black and navy boots because these shoes are sure to go on every outfit, no matter its colour. So, add these shoes to your wardrobe and always be your stylish best.

Chelsea boots: What’s the best way to wear them?

There are some key styling tips to keep in mind when figuring out how to incorporate Chelsea boots into your outfit.

Pay attention to your pants: If you want to let your handcrafted leather Chelsea boots shine, go for cropped pants or roll up the hem of your jeans so that they rest just above the top of your boots.

Colour is key

The colour of your boots will determine how wearable they are. Go for a neutral tone for more versatility.

Keep it clean

Leather shoes do require some love and care. Make sure to give your boots a regular wipe down with a soft cloth and a shoe cleaner solution.