Derby Shoes for Men

Derby shoes: What are they?

Derby shoes are a unique style of men’s dress shoes that work great with suits and other formal attire. Once considered to be popular hunting attire, they’ve undergone a complete image makeover to become stylish and chic everyday shoes. There are many different styles and designs of this shoe online, but you can find the most comfortable derby shoes at the Saint G website.

We carry an expansive range of derby shoes for men, from the most timeless designs to the most fashion-forward pieces. We work with the best artisans in Milan to bring you footwear that’s the perfect mix of fashionable and functional.

Derby shoes: Why you should wear them

The best derby shoes for men are ones that make you feel comfortable without compromising your style. They tend to be confused with Oxford shoes, but derby shoes are entirely unique and boast an unmatchable elegance. Here are some reasons why you must make these shoes part of your collection:

They are versatile

Derby shoes can be dressed up or dressed down to match any look. Be it a formal occasion or just a casual lunch with friends, this style of shoe will suit you well.

They are comfortable

Saint G offers some of the best derby shoes and other men’s shoes in a range of trendy styles. Our premium leather tan lace-up derbies come with a plush leather lining so your feet stay comfortable all day.

They don’t have a season

Unlike dress boots which tend to be associated with the colder months, derby shoes can be worn any time of the year. Saint G’s derbies are built to last, making them the perfect footwear to wear round the year.

They are handmade

You can find the best derby shoes for men on Saint G because each item from our range is handcrafted in Milan with care.

They come in many colours

Unlike most dress shoes for men, derby shoes come in many different colours and designs. You can find the most comfortable derby shoes on our website in a multitude of colours. From navy or even red leather lace-up shoes to a simple black or brown pair, you’ll find the perfect pair of derby shoes online at our website.

Derby shoes: An androgynous fashion choice

For many years now, designers have been combining elements of menswear and womenswear into a single look to create a more gender-neutral style. Known as the androgynous look, this style opens the doors to a lot of creativity. Women are becoming bolder flaunting menswear and are making it their own. This includes footwear items like derby shoes. This style of footwear pairs well with a variety of womenswear items, like skinny jeans, skirts and even dresses. Many women also like to pair these shoes with formal clothing items such as pantsuits and trousers.

Types of derbies

Though derby shoes are characterised by their unique lacing pattern, you can still find many different types of them out there. Here are some common types of derby shoes:

Cap toe derbies

This style of derbies stand out from the others because of the extra layer of leather on the shoe’s toe.


Considered the least formal style of derby shoe, wingtips are defined by their ‘W’ or ‘M’ shaped toe caps.

Split toe

Split-toed derbies have an horizontal seam that goes through the entire front of the shoe. There are two main subtypes of this shoe: Algonquin and Norwegian.

Now that you know all about derby shoes, make them part of your look and instantly up your style quotient.