Different Types Of Heels That Every Woman Should Know About

types of heels

Heels can increase the style of the outfit you wear and bring out the inner you. Heels can be worn for any occasion at any time. Whether its casual and office wear, for looking elegant at a party or a fun-filled night out, they are a staple of your wardrobe. Let us guide you through different types of heels so you can make the most informed decision before your next purchase.

Types of heels

There are a wide variety of heeled shoes available to buy in shops and online; you are spoilt for choice. But before parting with your hard-earned money, we’ve made it easier for you by doing the research on your behalf. Here’s the Saint G list of 15 must-have types of heels for the modern women. Just browse through the list and get ready to splurge.

1. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are thin heels with a short height of 3 inches or less. Due to their low height and thinness, kitten heels are less demanding on feet and super trendy. These types of heels are generally preferred by taller women who want comfort and style.  

2. Medium Heels

Medium heels vary in length between 3 to 4 inches. These can be worn every day and as office wear since walking and standing in them is relatively comfortable. Medium heels improve your posture without straining the balls of the feet.

3. High Heels

High heels are the first choice of fashionistas and supermodels. Heels of 4 inches and above are termed high heels. These types of heels are used in various types of shoes like 

mules, ankle straps, and slingbacks. The most famous of high heels are the Stiletto heels first presented in the year 1954 by famous French designer Christian Dior.

4. Very High Heels

These heels literally top the list with a height of 8 inches and above. They will make you the towering beauty in the room and turn heads in your direction. Very high heels should be worn only after careful practice. Shoes featuring very high heels generally have a platform attached to the front part of the shoe to balance the gait and relieve pressure on the toe.

5. Platform Heels

Platform heels may be short or long. The sole under the toe of the shoe is thicker. These types of heels are combined with very high heels so as the heel and toe of the shoe are balanced and so is the lady wearing them.

6. Flatform Heels

Flatform heels, as the name suggests are a combination of platform heels with the heel and toe at the same level without compromising on the length. These are best worn by fashion-conscious women having flat feet or low arches, providing comfort without diminishing the style.

7. Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are tall heels uniform from heel to toe. The heel and sole are joined through a wedge, so there is no separation. This helps distribute body weight evenly from the heel to the toe which translates into a comfortable walking experience while flaunting your boho style. These types of heels are generally used in Espadrille and Canvas shoes and are best used for casual wear and parties.

8. Block Heels

These are solid heels, blockier than thin ones, which help in relieving the pressure on the ankle and heel by distributing the body weight more uniformly than thin heels. Square heels are the types of block heels much wider and rectangular. Block heels are generally used in pumps, mules, and booties among others.

9. Cone Heels

Cone heels are shaped like an inverted cone. Cone heels are also known as ‘Tapered Heels’. These types of heels have a broad and thick base for balance and thin, narrow tips for style. The length varies, so cone heels could be short and long and worn equally by women of varying heights.

10. Flare Heels

Flare heels are just the opposite of cone heels but with wider tips. They are the equivalent of bell-bottom trousers and unsurprisingly came into fashion at the same time. This was the era of flower power and hippie chic, so these sensibilities are reflected in them. Flare heels can be worn with any dress, be it a skirt, jeans, or formal and office wear.

11. Spool Heels

These types of heels were first introduced in France during the 17th century and continue to be in fashion even now. Talk about longevity! Spool heels as the name suggest look similar to the spool of a thread and vaguely resembles an hourglass. These are thick at the base, get narrower in the middle, and flare again at the sole.

12. French Heels

French heels are similar to Spool heels in their hourglass shape but are comparatively shorter and curvier, so more comfortable while standing. These are also called Madam de Pompadour or Louis heels, named after the erstwhile emperor of France. French heels are often combined with a big bow or buckle on the upper part of the shoe, which makes them a pleasure to look at.

13. Decorative heels

Decorative heels should be flaunted at weddings and other high society celebrations. These types of heels are decorated with intricate designs and feature semi-precious stones and crystals. Some designers have even used diamonds for decorating these heels. The shoes with decorative heels look incredibly beautiful and should be treasured.

14. Cuban Heels

Cuban heels range from having a short to medium height. To increase their style, they are slightly tapered from heel to toe. Generally, these are darker or contrast in colour to the upper part of the shoe. This tends to gives the shoes an eye-catching look. Cuban heels are used in closed shoes like oxfords, ankle boots, and dancehall boots. These may be paired with a long flowing skirt to give them a more feminine appearance.

15. Comma Heels

Comma heels, as the name indicates are shaped like a comma. These types of heels can face both directions in the base, both back, and front, which gives them a bold and edgier look. Comma heels can be used in any type of shoes, but look good especially in pumps and boots. 

 We hope this article helps you make the right choice for your feet which deserve to be loved and pampered. You can select the heels for your new look by going through the Saint G list of different types of heels for women.

 Happy Shopping!