How to clean white trainers

How To Clean Trainers?

White trainers have become increasingly popular over the years, and today, they are a closet staple for absolutely everyone. They are versatile, sturdy, and can spruce up any look. However, white trainers can be difficult to maintain. Keeping them clean and pristine can prove to be a bit of challenge, especially if you don’t know how to clean white trainers. Some prefer to let their shoes age gracefully, while others keep their shoes machine washed so that they always look as good as new. Read on to learn all the different ways you can wash your trainers and breathe new life into them time and again.

How to protect white trainers and shoes?

Before stepping out of your home in your new white trainers or shoes, make sure you prepare them for the harsh world outside. This means covering them with a high-quality protection spray that has been created specifically for trainers. This will create a waterproof coating on your shoes and will also prevent dirt and mud from sticking to them. Additionally, pay attention to the laces and make sure that they are either washed or replaced regularly. Doing both these steps will prevent your shoes from looking brown and dirty and keep them white for longer.

The sobering reality of white trainers

The first step of learning how to clean white trainers is accepting that it will need some hard work from your side. A pair of good white sneakers is beloved in the fashion world because they make the wearer look effortlessly stylish while keeping them comfortable. To keep this prized fashion accessory clean, you’ll have to regularly clean your shoes. This means no dumping your shoes in the machine after a month of use. Cleaning your shoes daily with a wet cloth will keep them looking as good as new on any given day. You can wash trainers in the washing machine every one to two weeks if you wear them often, but most people prefer to go old school with a cloth and some shoe cleaner. This might sound high-maintenance, but it is the only real way to preserve your trainers for long

How to wash trainers with soap and water

Many articles about cleaning trainers might tell you to use an old tooth brush and laundry detergent to restore your shoes’ natural colour. However, it is not advisable to use these tools as they can do more harm to your white trainers than good. Instead, go for a gentle microfibre cloth, water, and some gentle washing liquid to remove any stains from your shoe. Take a small quantity of the dish soap and mix it with double the amount of water. Dip your microfibre towel in the soapy water and gently wipe off any dirt or grime on your shoes. Don’t forget to go over the same spot with a dry microfibre towel afterwards so that the shoe does not stay wet and soapy.

As for dust and dry mud, you should ideally use a soft bristle shoe brush to get rid of them. A shoe brush will give your shoes a swift and quick clean without damaging them in any way.

How to clean trainers in the washing machine

You can also wash trainers in the washing machine, but there are a few landmines to steer clear of. It is not advisable to just toss your sneakers into the drum without a second thought. Instead, remove the soles and laces of your shoes, and remove any larger stones or pebbles that might be stuck to the soles before washing. This will protect your shoes from getting too wet while also protecting your machine from any damage. Soak the soles and laces in a bowl of soapy water for an hour before leaving them to air dry.

Another key tip is to avoid putting your sneakers directly into the washing machine. Put them in a mesh laundry bag and toss them into the washer with other heavier items like jeans and towels. Go for liquid detergents and choose a delicate wash cycle with cold water and a slow spin speed. These wash settings will prevent your shoes from bouncing around in the drum and getting damaged. Once you have finished the shoes machine wash, do not put them in the dryer. Instead, air dry your shoes in the sun or under a fan.

Ways to prevent dirt from sticking to your sneakers

There is no way to completely protect your shoes from getting dirty, but there are a few steps you can take to minimise dirt and grime stains. The most important thing to do is to keep your sneakers as dry and clean as you can. This means being extra cautious when you’re walking. Steer clear of mucky roads, puddles, dirt and oil. If your shoes get wet due to the rain or otherwise, make sure you dry your shoes thoroughly when you come back home. Use a trainer cleaner to clean the outsides and use a gentle microfibre cloth or paper towels to soak up water from the insides of your shoe. This will not only protect your shoes’ white colour, it will also stop them from developing unpleasant odours. Clean up all scuff marks and streaks as soon as possible so that they do not leave a permanent stain on your shoes.

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