How To Stretch out Leather Shoes and Boots

How To Stretch out Leather Shoes and Boots

A new pair of leather shoes is a magical thing, but it is important to stretch them out properly before wearing them. This can help prevent blisters, shoe bites, and other issues that can make wearing your shoes uncomfortable. Check out our expert tips and tricks below on how to stretch leather shoes wider and make your new leather footwear more comfortable than ever before.

How to stretch leather boots

There are a few factors to stretching out leather boots. The long shaft means that you have to give the shoes some long-term love to help stretch them out. Here are our top tips on how to stretch leather calf boots.

Wear them indoors

The only way to break in and stretch out your shoes is to wear them frequently. When at home, put on thick socks followed by your leather boots, and keep walking around your home.

Try an ice pack

You can also try filling water into sealable plastic bags, freezing them, and inserting them into your shoes. Make sure to wrap the frozen bag with a towel so that the moisture doesn’t ruin your shoes.

Use a hairdryer

The hairdryer trick is one that has been around for a long time. Check out the next section to learn how do you stretch leather shoes using a hair dryer.

How to stretch leather boots with a hairdryer

Heat helps leather relax a little, and this can help your shoes mould to the shape of your feet. The best way to heat the leather slightly is by using a hairdryer. To do this, start by putting your boots on with a pair of thick socks inside. Point your hairdryer towards the part of the boot that is tight, 6 inches away from the surface of the boot. Turn the dryer on in two short blasts, each one lasting about 20-30 seconds. Make sure to wriggle your toes inside the shoes to allow the material to stretch out. After this, leave your boots on and walk around your house for 10-15 minutes, as it will help the leather cool down completely and reacclimate to your foot. Repeat this process until your boots feel snug on your feet.

How to stretch leather boots with a boot stretcher

If you don’t want to use an at-home hack to stretch your shoes, you can also try using a shoe stretcher tool. You can find one to just stretch the width of your boots, or one that stretches both width and length of the shoe. Start by placing the boot stretcher snugly inside the boot and begin rotating the screw to expand the stretching mechanism. Once you have achieved a snug stretch in the shoe, leave your boot stretchers in for at least 6-8 hours. This will help the leather stretch as per your requirements. You can repeat this process if you still need more room in your shoes.

Use a specialist stretching spray

Another important tool in your shoe stretching toolkit is a special stretching spray. This helps speed up the natural stretching process that leather shoes experience over time. You can use them in conjunction with a boot stretcher for maximum efficiency.