How to Style Brown Shoes

How to style brown shoes

Almost everyone out there has a pair of black shoes in their closets because they are extremely versatile and can easily be paired with different colours and prints. But only wearing black shoes will cramp your style. Here’s where brown shoes can help you take your style quotient up a notch. Brown shoes look elegant and can also be worn with a wide range of outfits. Be it a pair of women’s heels or some brown boots for men, brown shoes are a great alternative to black shoes. Read on to get style tips for brown shoes.

Do brown and black go together?

Contrary to popular belief, brown and black make for a great colour pairing. Since both are neutral shades in the world of fashion, they complement each other quite well. Whether it’s your clothing or your footwear choices, you can always pair black and brown pieces together. However, it is best to wear brown and black together without adding any bright colours or prints. For example, a pair of dark brown formal shoes for men would pair well with a black outfit. You can introduce white for some versatility, but don’t add too many colours to your look.

When To Wear Brown Shoes

In general, brown shoes are considered less formal than black shoes. So, it is advisable that you wear them for more casual occasions or daytime events, and your black shoes for evening events and formal occasions. A darker brown will resonate as more formal and upscale, whereas lighter browns like tan and beige are considered more easy-going.

How To Style Brown Boots For Women

Women’s brown shoes come in many shades and that’s why you’ll always find an outfit to match. With our styling tips below, you can learn how to wear brown Chelsea boots or absolutely any other brown coloured shoe.

For summer

Nothing is more appropriate and comfortable in the summer months than a pair of brown strappy sandals. Because brown is a warm colour, it pairs well with other warm tones like red, pink, orange, yellow, and even purple. You can pair brown sandals with summer dresses, shorts and t shirts, and even cropped denims.

For winter

A pair of dark brown boots are a great winter staple because they can be paired with practically any winter attire. Try a simple sweater and black jeans with your brown shoes for a casual look. You can even try out a pair of tan chunky boots for a rugged appeal.

How To Wear Brown Boots For Men

When it comes to styling brown footwear for men, it is important to remember that the rules are slightly different than those for women. For example, while it is more acceptable for women to mix shades of black and brown in their accessories, it is advisable that men match their shoes to their belts. Here are some tips on how to style brown shoes:

For brunch

A linen shirt with some jeans and a pair of brown Chelsea boots is the perfect mix of chic and comfortable for a brunch look. You can even swap your jeans for a pair of chinos for a more upscale look. Brown loafers or derby shoes would also be perfect for brunch because they fit the smart casual vibe perfectly.

For running errands

Brown shoes lend themselves perfectly to everyday wear because brown is a softer colour than black. This means that it is less harsh on the eyes and is more appropriate for daytime wear. Slip on a pair of Chelsea boots with a big chunky outsole and be ready to seize the day in any weather. You can pair these with any casual outfit and still look put together.