How To Style Men’s Monk Strap Shoes

How To Style Men’s Monk Strap Shoes

Monk shoes are a popular choice of footwear because they elevate any casual look while bringing an element of fun to a formal look. This style of shoe complements a range of outfits in different colours. No matter what your style aesthetic is, there is a pair of men’s monk strap shoes for you in Saint G’s collection. You can visit our website to check out our entire premium range of leather shoes that are designed in Milan.

There is a wide range of monk shoes to choose from, each pair with its own unique colour and design. But this can be daunting for people who are still learning how to style men’s monk shoes. If you’re one among this statistic, check out our expert style guide below.

What are monk strap shoes

Men’s monk strap shoes have an Oxford shoe-like shape with overlapping straps and buckle detailing instead of laces. This is what makes monk strap shoes perfect for formal occasions as well as smart-casual events such as birthday parties or family events.

The history of monk shoes is an interesting one. These shoes were originally meant to be a closed-toe version of the sandals that European monks wore. They were in and out of style throughout the 20 th century. They first came to prominence in the 1920s followed by another rejuvenation during the 1960s and beyond. There was another resurrection in the mid-noughties of the 21 st century, where monk shoes were suddenly extremely popular. They have stood the test of time all the way until now, when they are considered fashion statement shoes.

The interesting thing about monk strap shoes is that you can find more than one strap and buckle on some pairs. Usually, you can find monk shoes with one or two straps. Some pairs do have three straps as well, but those are more likely to go out of style. A simple single or double monk strap shoe looks simpler and more timeless. Saint G carries both, single and double monk strap shoes in different colours and designs.

What makes the monk strap style so good?

Men’s monk strap shoes are a popular choice in the world of men’s footwear because they are a great alternative to the traditional dress shoes. If you want to learn how to wear men’s monk shoes, it is important to work with the versatility of the shoe. The formal shape of the shoe makes them perfect for a sophisticated event, while the sleek buckle detail is likely to garner attention even at a casual occasion.

The absence of laces in this style of shoe also makes them a comfortable and functional choice. You can slip them on and off easily, and they are often very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. On the Saint G website, you can see that men’s monk strap shoes come in a variety of stunning elegant designs. If you want to have some fun with your footwear, then check out our collection online.

How to style men’s monk shoes

When paired with the right outfits, monk strap shoes can take your look to the next level. Since they’re extremely versatile, you can comfortably pair them with anything. But before choosing a pair of monk strap shoes to wear with your outfit, pay attention to the quality of the shoe. Monk strap shoes are a statement piece, and therefore should be made from good quality leather.

Here are some style tips on how to wear a pair of monk shoes with different articles of clothing:

With a suit

Whether it’s a two-button suit or a tuxedo, monk shoes pair well with both. Much like other dress shoes, it is best to stick with neutral colours like black and brown. This makes your monk strap shoes even more versatile. You can even add some colour to your closet with bright red or two-toned red monk straps from Saint G.

With jeans

Monk strap shoes can also be dressed down to pair with jeans. Try out a pair of well-fitting jeans and pair it with a monotone round or polo neck tee. Throw on some sleek dress socks and a pair of tan leather monk shoes from Saint G. The shoes add a sophisticated vibe to your entire outfit. You can even roll up the hem of your jeans to let the shoes shine.

With shorts

This might be a surprise to some people, but monk strap shoes are also a great match for shorts. The trick here is to go for a smart-casual look and pair your shoes with fitted tailored shorts. Go for a button up shirt or even a t-shirt and blazer to complete the look. It is best to go for a double monk strap monks like Saint G’s blue leather double buckle monk brogue shoes.

Now that you know how to style men’s monk shoes, get yourself a pair and up your style game!