Travel in Style with Leather Travel Bags for Men

Travel in Style with Leather Travel Bags for Men

Travel in Style with Leather Travel Bags for Men

Leather luggage bags evoke excitement because they hint at new adventures, new experiences and new memories! Be it a quick weekend by the seaside or a long trek in the mountains, your travelling leather bags will keep your belongings safe no matter where you take them. To stay on-trend and comfortable as you travel, don’t make the mistake of carrying bags that are old, out of style or cumbersome to carry.

Remember, luggage bags too are an expression of your personality, just like wallets and shoes are. The kind of men’s leather overnight bags you own will form the basis for how people at the airport or the bus station perceive you. Therefore, it is important to have luggage that is functional as well as fashionable, so that you can look and feel your best while you travel. Read on to find out the best luggage to travel with and how you can be the chicest traveller out there.

What is the best luggage to travel with?

When it comes to leather travel bags for men, there are a variety of options to choose from. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase any bag, like the length of your trip, the type of place you’re going to, and the activities you’ll be engaged in. For example, a long camping trip in the mountains will require a sturdy bag that can endure the outdoors and can easily be strapped to a car or to your back. Meanwhile, a beach vacation with friends might need a much smaller bag that has compartments for wet and sandy clothing like swimsuits and flipflops.

Types of travelling leather bags

You can very easily find a men’s leather weekend bag to suit your needs, all in different styles and colours. Leather is a sturdy material that can easily be made and a good leather bag will last you a long, long time. So, if you want to upgrade your luggage but you don’t know where to begin, here are our top picks for leather luggage bags:

Leather backpack: A leather backpack is a great choice for a day-to-day bag because both, backpacks as well as leather are suited to everyday wear and use. A premium handcrafted leather backpack can also be a sturdy travel companion, especially if taken care of properly. It will also elevate your look, whether you take it as a carry-on bag on a flight or just to work or college.

Leather duffel bag: Duffel bags are fantastic for travel because they are spacious and therefore can be crammed with all your belongings. They are also very versatile because they are ideal for shorter trips while still being appropriate as carry-on luggage on a flight. There are usually sturdy handles or even a harness to help hold the bag.

Leather messenger bag: Considered the modern-day briefcase, leather messenger bags are multipurpose and can work for travel as well as for everyday use. While these bags are usually meant to store your laptop or tablet, they come with a number of pockets to store other items like books, phones, chargers, etc. That’s what makes it so well-suited to travel. The sturdy leather will protect your belongings from external damage while helping you look put together at the train station.

Leather carry-on suitcase: A sturdy and durable material like leather is very well-suited to suitcases because of the amount of wear and tear these bags endure. Any leather carry-on suitcase will also be sleek and compact while still winning you style points. These bags are worth the hefty price tag because leather is an extremely durable material and will last in your collection for a long time.

Stylish travel looks for the airport

You now have the perfect piece of leather luggage to make you look chic and elevated at the airport. But it is important to match this beautiful accessory with your shoes, watch, travel outfit, and other accessories to create a cohesive and trendy travel look. But if styling isn’t your forte, here are some outfit ideas to complement your leather travel bags:

  • 1) For an athleisure look: Put on a pair of sleek joggers with a jacket to match, and a plain white t shirt inside. Throw on your most comfortable sneakers from Saint G, pick up your premium leather backpack, and head out on your adventure!
  • 2) For a smart casual look: You can opt for some crisp chinos, a good polo neck shirt, and handcrafted leather loafers from Saint G that match your leather luggage. For a look like this, you might want to go for a weekender bag or a duffel bag. Travel in style by adding some formal finesse to your airport looks.
  • 3) For a professional look: Leather travel bags are the perfect luggage for work trips where you have to rush to the office directly upon arrival. A beautiful top quality leather messenger bag or a smaller duffel bag will elevate any formal look, be it a three-piece suit or even a simple button up shirt and trousers. Pair your leather travel bag with a pair of Saint G leather dress boot or derbies.
  • 4) For a street-style look: Leather bags suit a variety of aesthetics and personal styles. So even if your airport look is a plain t shirt and jeans, a leather duffel bag will add some edginess to your look. To seem more put together without trying too hard, make sure your shoes and belt match the colour of your leather bag.