What Color Shoes to Wear With Red Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear With Red Dress?

A beautiful red dress signifies, passion, strength, love, and power, which is why it is a popular colour for clothing. However, many people find it to be an intimidating colour to work with because they don’t know what shoes to wear with red dresses. Well, worry not, because Saint G’s expert guide on what colour shoes go with red dresses will help you make the right pick.

Shop black shoes for your red dress

When shopping for shoes to match your red dresses, black shoes are the safest bet. Not only is red and black a tried-and-tested colour combination, but black is also a neutral colour so it will match all shades of red, whether it’s a deep maroon or an orange-toned red. Not only red, but black shoes are extremely versatile and can be paired with other colours and prints as well. From woven mid-heel mules to multi-buckle ankle boots, you can find something to complement your red dress at Saint G. Browse through our website now and find the right shoe for you.

No matter what your personal style is, Saint G’s expansive catalogue of shoes contains something for you. Made of premium quality leather, our footwear is designed in Milan by the industry’s most skilled professionals. We combine fashion and functionality to bring you top quality sandals that will last you season after season.

What colour shoes to wear with a red floral dress?

Red dresses with floral prints are the epitome of spring/summer fashion. People tend to gravitate towards brighter colours and nature-inspired prints in the warmer months. For summer dresses, try pairing them with white chain embellished slip-on heels from Saint G, which offers a bent block heel detail. Floral patterns tend to incorporate light colours like white, so it’s very likely that your shoes will match your dress in this case. The gold chain detailing also adds an elevated edge to any look, and will pair beautifully with simple gold jewellery.

For a pop of style, you can even try our gold handwoven leather block heels. The wooden heel offers an earthy appearance while the gold woven uppers offer visual interest and an eye-catching design.

What colour shoes to wear with a casual red dress

A casual dress can mean anything, from a t-shirt dress to a shift dress or even a strappy cotton number to wear every day. If you don’t know what shoes to wear with a red dress that is casual, it is best to keep it simple with your footwear choices. Sneakers and sandals are the ideal choice, and you can find a wide variety of styles on the Saint G website. Be it our pearl embellished nude leather slides or our grey python print leather sneakers; you can try a variety of styles with a casual dress. You can even try out ballerina shoes to add some class to your casual red dress look.

What colour pumps to wear with a red dress

There are many answers to the question ‘what colour heels go with a red dress.’ Be it a pair of neutral black pumps or even some mustard yellow heeled loafers, you can find a variety of closed-toed shoes to wear with red dresses. A red dress is a statement piece in your closet, and heeled pumps are the same. So, pairing a well-fitted red dress with pumps if any colour will automatically make you look more elegant and sophisticated. Let your red dress shine with a pair of simple black embossed leather pumps or mix it up with our blue patent leather pumps. The contrast of the colours creates an eye-catching and eclectic look.

Best shoes to wear with a long red dress

A long and flowing red dress is a sight for sore eyes. The colour is exciting and alluring, while the flowy material gives the dress a more ethereal look. These dresses are ideal for tropical vacations, as they make a statement. Try out a pair of metallic leather sandals from Saint G to give your long red dress an element of sophistication. These shoes are perfect for travel as well.