What Colour Shoes to Pair with Blue Outfits

What colour shoes do I pair with blue clothes?

The colour blue is associated with intelligence, kindness, and efficiency, which is why people from all around the world keep going back to this colour. However, many people struggle to incorporate this colour into their wardrobes and end up with mismatched shoes and clothing. It is important to find the right shoes to wear with navy dresses and other blue outfits to stand out. Saint G carries a multitude of different shoes that pair beautifully with blue clothes like dresses and trousers. So, if you want to find shoes that go with a blue dress, check out our top tips and tricks below.

The best shoe colours to pair with blue dresses

While all colours can be paired with blue dresses, there are some that complement these items better than others. If you want to know what colour shoes go with blue dresses, here are our top three picks:


If you have a vibrant blue dress picked out for your next night out, consider pairing it with a pair of nude or skin-tone-coloured shoes. This is because the warm brown tones of nude shoes will help bring out the cool tones of your blue dress.


Gold or silver metallic shoes are an underrated match for blue shoes. These shiny colours will add a festive spark to any blue-toned outfit and make your outfit pop.


If you prefer to make a statement with your footwear, go for a pair of bright yellow heels. Especially when paired with a blue dress, the contrast of the yellow shoes add a vibrancy and elegance to your look.

Types of shoes to wear with navy dresses

Saint G carries a wide variety of different designs and styles of shoes to wear with navy dresses. Our premium leather footwear is designed in Milan by the best artisans in the business. We combine fashion with functionality to bring you all the latest trends in shoes. You can even find more timeless styles of shoes on our website which will pair well with your favourite blue outfits. Here are our top picks for shoes that go with a blue dress:

Mustard mules

Yellow shoes and blue outfits are a match made in heaven, so a pair of woven mustard yellow mid-heel mules from Saint G are a great choice for any blue dress. The woven detail adds a fun and fresh look, while the mustard yellow colour will stand out without looking over the top.

Navy blue dress shoes

Sometimes it pays to wear a tone-on-tone look. If your blue dress is a lighter baby blue, a pair of navy blue loafers or heels will be a great match for it. The different shades of blue will add visual interest to your outfit without making you look garish. Saint G’s navy leather loafers are a crowd favourite because of how chic they are.

Gold leather heels

Metallic heels, especially gold ones, pair well with blue dresses. Try block heels if you’re new to wearing heels, but a pair of stiletto heels will elongate your legs and give you a more elegant appearance. Don’t forget to put on your best gold jewellery and get a little sparkly bag to match as well.

Gold-studded black block heels

Black shoes are considered neutral footwear because the colour is so versatile. This means that black heels are a safe bet when it comes to accessorising a blue dress. You can even add some interest to simple black shoes by purchasing a pair of gold-studded black heels from Saint G. The stud detailing adds some edginess and personality to your look.

White sneakers

Another tried-and-tested option, white sneakers can bring simplicity and comfort to your outfit. They are fashionable, comfortable, functional, and cool. But if white isn’t your style, you can also find other colours and prints of sneakers on the Saint G website. From python print to black and gold sneakers, there are many options to choose from.

Brown ballerina shoes

A pair of brown croco-print leather ballet flats from Saint G is a good example of versatile shoes with a twist. The dark brown colour of the shoe makes it a safe and wearable piece to pair with a blue dress, while the croc print detailing makes the shoe look classy. The ballerina style of shoes is also extremely popular and easy to wear.

The Saint G story

Fashionably luxurious and cosmopolitan in spirit, Saint G carries exquisite leather shoes and accessories for women and men. We bring you functional designs combined with the latest colours and prints. With a focus on clean structures and fine detailing, each piece has its distinctive influences and is complemented with a palette of vibrant colours. No matter what your personal style, you can find something to suit you at Saint G.