What Dresses to Wear with Over The Knee Boots

What Dresses to Wear with Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots have quickly become a fashion staple, because of their chic and stylish appearance. They are most popularly worn with dresses of varying lengths, because the two complement each other perfectly. The tall height of the boots makes them more prominent to the eye, while dresses usually allow for your legs, and therefore the boots, to be on display too. With some help from Saint G, you can easily learn how to put an over the knee boots outfit together. Our range of premium leather footwear comprises many different stunning boot designs, each one with its own unique attributes.

Check out our expert guide below, where we share pro tips on how to wear over the knee boots with dresses. Our ultimate guide to buying and styling knee high boots will give you all the information you need to buy your next pair of over the knee boots.

What to know before buying over the knee boots

Before buying over the knee boots, it is most important to decide what purpose the shoes will serve in your closet. If you are looking for functional boots, you might want to consider a neutral colour and simple design. For instance, a pair of Kayleigh black leather thigh boots from Saint G will be more wearable and versatile than our Luisa maroon stretch suede over the knee boots.

You also want to consider the fit of the boots before buying. Ideally, you want the shoe to be snug from top to bottom, with minimal slouching. A snug fit ensures that the boots don’t ride down and ruin your look. Depending on the shape of your legs, you might have to go up a size or two so the shoes can fit your thighs and calves properly.

What to look for when shopping for over the knee boots

There are a few factors to keep an eye out for when shopping for thigh high boots, like:


If your shoes are not made from good quality leather, they will not last in your closet for a long time. Saint G’s premium leather boots are designed in Milan, so our shoes will weather any storm.


If you aren’t comfortable in your shoes, it will be apparent to everyone who sees you in them. So, it is best to try on your boots before purchasing.


If you prefer a pair of heels to flats, then make sure you are getting a heel that suits your needs. A thick and blocky heel will be more comfortable than narrow stiletto heels.

How to put on over the knee boots

There are many versions of over the knee boots and dress outfits out there. Here are some outfit ideas that you can recreate with the help of Saint G’s top quality leather footwear.

Office outfit

Thigh high boots are a great option for work because of the amount of coverage they offer the leg. This is also why you should consider pairing your favourite formal skirt or dress with over the knee boots. Saint G’s Alicia stretch suede leather boots are a great choice if you need your boots to be work appropriate.

Brunch outfit

Saint G carries many different vibrant and eye-catching thigh high boots which would be perfect for a brunch event with friends. Go for a simple t-shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans, and an over the knee boots from our collection. You can also pair these boots with a short summer dress for a flirty look.

Running errands outfit

Who doesn’t love feeling good about themselves even on the most mundane days? A pair of out Luisa tan stretch suede above the knee boots are the ideal choice for everyday tasks like buying groceries or running errands. The neutral colour of the shoes allows it to match with a multitude of other colours, fabrics and dress styles.

How to style OTK boots

Let us now dive into how you can find a dress to wear with your over the knee (OTK) boots. Check out our expert style tips below:

Pay attention to the season

Thigh high boots are a versatile and transitional piece, meaning that they can be styled for all seasons. An easy summer outfit would be a shirt dress with a thick belt and a pair of heeled OTK boots. You can easily turn that into a fall outfit by wearing stockings under your boots and replacing the dress with a chunky knit sweater and a mini skirt.

Try leather on leather

Leather thigh high boots look extra edgy and beautiful with leather clothing items like jackets. A pair of blue skinny jeans tucked into OTK boots, paired with a lacy blouse and a leather biker jacket is the perfect mix of classic and cool. You can even try pairing a leather dress or skirt with leather boots.

Go bold with your boots

Shoes are a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. That’s exactly why Saint G carries the Grace leather above the knee boots in a variety of vibrant colours like yellow, green, blue, and burgundy. You can pair these shoes with an all-black outfit or any other neutral-coloured garment.