What is a Wide Fit Shoe

What is a Wide Fit Shoe

What is a wide fit shoe?

Everyone’s feet are different – some people have naturally long toes and wider feet than usual, which means they often need more space in their shoes to feel comfortable. They experience discomfort and pain in standard-fit shoes because their toes are cramped together, and the foot is not laying against the insole of the shoe comfortably. This is where wide fit shoes come in.

If you want to know what does wide fit shoes mean, they are shoes that have been designed for people whose feet need shoes with more room in them. Usually, wide fit shoes have wider and deeper space for the toes, as well as a wide instep area so that the foot can easily slip into the shoes. The added space inside the shoe allows the toes to spread out comfortably and offer you support, while also letting the soles of your feet sit flat inside the shoe.

Why choose wide fit shoes?

If you have wide feet and still continue to endure the squeezing and pinching of standard-fit shoes, it is absolutely imperative that you switch to wide fit shoes. This is because wearing the wrong size or style of footwear for a long period of time can cause permanent damage to your feet. People with wide feet have often had to cram their toes into an unnatural shape to fit standard-fit shoes, but this is not advisable.

Instead, moving to wide fit shoes offers a range of benefits. For starters, wide shoes have a more spacious toe box area that prevent your toes from rubbing against the shoes. This, in turn, prevents your feet from developing shoe bites, blisters, and even corns. Shoes that have a smaller space for the toes can cause hammertoes, which means that your toes are pushed downwards into a claw shape while the toe joints stick out. This can become a permanent deformity if you don’t wear the right wide fit shoes.

Another key benefit to wide fit shoes is that they help prevent bunions as well. This foot problem is said to be hereditary by most foot specialists, but wearing tight footwear has the potential to catalyse the process and make them appear faster. Bunions usually appear after wearing heels for a long period of time, but they can be kept at bay if your shoes are the correct width.

Types of wide fit shoes

There is no shortage of different wide fit shoes on the market, each coming in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs for you to choose from. Let’s go over the different types of wide fit shoes that you can consider purchasing for your closet:

Ballerinas: Ballerina shoes are ideal for people with wide feet because these shoes stretch to incorporate even the widest of feet. Saint G’s handcrafted leather ballerinas are also rounded at the top to make the wide fit pattern look stylish.

Mules: Open back shoes like mules also make for great wide fit shoes because they stretch to make room for the natural contours of your foot. If you have wide feet, you might find it easiest to slip into a pair of heeled mules for a social event, or even flat mules for work or everyday wear. The open back of these shoes is perfect to let your feet breathe while still offering them support and structure.

Sneakers: The humble sneaker is the ultimate choice for wide shoes because they are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. Saint G carries an incredible collection of premium handcrafted sneakers for both men and women, all suited to people with wide feet. The extra room inside our sneakers also make them ideal for people with flat feet or others who might need specialised insoles for their shoes.

Loafers: Formal footwear for men can also be great wide fit shoes, especially shoes such as loafers and moccasins. They are easy to slip in and out of, and stretch to fit your feet, much like ballerina shoes do. Loafers and moccasins also have a wider instep so people can comfortably and easily wear them for long periods of time without any blisters or foot pain. If you don’t know what shoes to wear with wide leg pants, then consider a pair of Saint G’s loafers.

So, if you have wide feet, don’t suffer with ill-fitting shoes. Treat your feet with love and slip them into a pair of Saint G’s soft, durable and stylish shoes which are ideal for all kinds of foot types.